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Having worked professionally as an artist for the past twelve years of my life, in both full time and freelance positions, I have a pretty wide range of experience. From traditional art to digital art and design, I sincerely enjoy the process of creating artwork for my own creative satisfaction, and to help further other people’s projects. It is always my goal to pay attention to the small details and overall scope that make a project unique.

My artistic experience and background is one of CG art, ranging from graphic design and interface design to illustration and 3d content creation. Over the past six years I’ve worked as a 3d environment artist, an animator and 2d artist in both the casino and gaming industries, and a photographer. In addition, I’ve gained experience in print and web design, SEO, and social media integration/marketing.

Resume available upon request.

Arcade titles I’ve worked on include:

  • Big Buck HD
  • Big Buck HD Duck Dynasty
  • Big Buck HD Wild
    • Big Buck HD Wild — Doe of the Dead
    • Aliens Armageddon
    • Barrel of Monkeys
    • Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo
    • Ice Age: Ice Breaker
    • Monopoly


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